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Wine for Mac and linux

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Wine for Mac and linux

Hi there

Am hoping not to have to get a windows machine for this purpose. I'm also hopping not to have to use VMWARE/Parallels/VirtualBox etc, just because of resource issues. I'd really like to be able to use Wine /bottler to install Alveo (this is how I'm running MT4 currently) - has anyone had any luck?

I saw a post somewhere about a gentleman using a windows tablet and team viewer.. I like that as a cunning option, but keen to see if I can get wine going first as a travelling option.


Sat, 06/16/2018 - 5:46am

Alveo currently won't work with wine, because of the way that Apiary builds the binaries. I explained to the devs what they'd have to do (add a target for mono into their build [MS VS would take care of the rest]), and I pointed them to some references, but they opted to not move on those suggestions.


damn. curious and somewhat frustrating, and slightly bewildering set of choices made around this. Is MT4 Still and option?


No. Apiary abandoned MT4 for Alveo.


bummer, ok well I've got it going now. Feel dirty, first time I've had to use windows since 2017 :D - I see IE is still a dog.. wouldn't let me log into Apiary site, then it wouldn't let me down load chrome.. fortunately it let me download Firefox and I could log in to apiary that way to download Alveo, which is now working. A bit cludgy spaning the pacific on RDP it seems, I might relocate VPS to Sydney, see if thats better.
Thanks again.


err.. 2007 I meant there ;p


Hey hakchinoy

i'm just curious have you successfully done a modified build using mono as a target?


lol I know what you mean. Prior to using Alveo, I had been Windows free nearly 2 decades.

Yes, I have, and that's why I gave the Apiary devs that recommendation.


ooh, cool, happy to share as a a post here? (I know its a big ask, but just trying my luck ;p)


I have been trying to get it to work with Wine as well, what I have done is set up a laptop to run all the time and have TeamViewer running on it so I can access it from my Mac. Works for now, but would love to get it to run on Wine.


Been attempting to install Alveo onto Linux Mint. 'WINE' choked at the installation of (the Alveo required) '.NET Framework 4.5.1'.
Today, attempting installation by using 'CrossOver' -- which seems to be related to WINE, but is an annual subscription. (Am on first day of free 14-day trial -- If they can solve my Alveo installation problem, then they'll have me as a customer -- for a year, at the least! :) ) Has anyone else tried this route -- "CrossOver" ?

(I borrowed a cheap laptop with Window 10 in order to get started with Apiary and Alveo -- been awhile since I used Windows. Pathetic imitation of Linux, eh? :) )


I initially tried Wine, I think I got MT4 to run but don't remember the issues with Alveo. I gave up and went the Parallels route and it has been doing fine and I really like the Coherence feature - all the Windows Programs appear as MAC and it is seamless switching between MAC and Windows Programs.


Alveo works in Parallels on a Mac ? Nice!
I'll attempt it here. (We have a broken Mac from 2012 with Parallels and Windows 7. I'll attempt to revive the Mac. Used to work well -- "They doen't make 'em like they used to".)

My experiment with CrossOver (WINE) isn't going well. '.NET Framework 4.5.1' installs fine, but the Alveo doesn't.

Well, I guess the alternative is a VPS ? -- if my Mac can't be repaired.


Why don't you use VMware Fusion?


Does VMware work good? I havent used Linux in a while. Wanting to set up another computer with linux where I will do most of my trading.


I have tried many different solutions and I must say that VMware is the best one yet.
I have never run into problems when I am running Windows virtually on mac with VMware. It is very reliable.


I'm not much of a techy, but when Alveo is put on the cloud does that mean it will run in a browser?


Linux Mint 18.3 (Xfce 64-bit version), Crossover Linux 18.0.0 (see -- probably better known for contributing to WINE), and Alveo 1.5.13. Two small profitable trades this morning through Alveo on my Linux computer. :)

I was actually trying to get Ninjatrader 8 to install -- maybe something in the Ninjatrader 8 helped get Alveo running?

Crossover has something they call "The Kitchen Sink" -- as in they throw the "kitchen sink" at a problem -- as in they throw all their general solutions at a problem to attempt to solve. (Try it -- search for "The Kitchen Sink" windows installation in Crossover. :) )

After a lot of trial and error, the process seems to be:
1) create a "Windows 7" bottle -- I named it "Alveo 1.5.13" in Crossover. ("bottle" is what Crossover calls it ) use the 32-bit version.
2) Install "The Kitchen Sink" in that bottle.
3) Install "Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5" in same bottle
4) Install "Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.1" also.
5) Install "Alveo1.5.13_Installer.exe" downloaded from the software page at Apiary Fund:

Graphics during install act very strange at times. If an image is blank, then wave mouse pointer over it, and image(s) can become visible. (sometimes faint, or unusual color).

Graphics are behaving very well once inside Alveo. Only a few hours testing this (this morning). Was trying to install Ninjatrader 8, and they never sent the password, so I tried installing Alveo again.


Very nice, edb! As a primary Linux user myself, I will definitely be trying this out.


Hi @jadamcraig, thanks. Alveo1.5.14 installation works for me, too -- but I'm using same computer. Haven't tried a different computer. Am interested in reports from Beehive members that have tried Linux installations.


It worked, but lots of latency.


I have been using Parallels on mac. I haven't tried VMware but for me this works well.

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 7.58.25 AM.png

Is anyone using "bootcamp" on their Mac to load and access Alveo? Could use some pointers if you're out there


I have not used bootcamp because you can only be in Windows programs when it is running. With Parallels you aMn run both Windows OS and MAC OS at the same time. It is extremely slow when running both at the same time.