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Woke up to quite a surprise...

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Woke up to quite a surprise...

I woke up to start my morning routine and found that I was -125 pips...  Looking further into it, it turns out that a buy stop on AUD/USD triggered over night, then went south on me.  What is disturbing, is that I always have a SL set on all my trades, but apparently, it did not trigger on this trade??  Even if through slippage or gaps it jumps past the SL, it should still close it out at the price after the jump??

Really messes with the stats when the system doesn't work the way it's supposed to...   

Wed, 04/27/2016 - 8:10am

Hey Amc;

Sorry to hear about the trade But the Aud CPI was released at 9:30 pm causing a big drop in Audusd.


Sorry to hear that. Most of my trades are set and forget. If this is the case, it starts to concern me, then.

I would call the support and see if they can do anything to help.


There were a couple of us sitting in the class when this happened. Was a dramatic candle. Sorry to hear it didn't kick in. Does make for a crappy cup of coffee. But, today is a new day. Get the pippers back!!


I was trading and like a bolt of lighting it went down-still in recovery since I had a trade on it.


AMC: I can relate; something similar happened to me. That is my primary reason for moving away from strict "set it, and forget it" trades: meaning I always monitor my trades (but not necessarily every microsecond). The situation might be far worse if that news event also were a black swan.


In demo accounts, the chance is usually much greater that stop-loss is triggered at the right price.

There is also the possibility that Alveo did something wrong. One thing that happened to me earlier this week, was that Alveo stopped responding. It was sometime during the night and in the morning I had to restart Alveo. What I noticed then, was that my stop-loss at 15 pips had not been triggered, but the trade was closed immediately after restart, at some 64 pips. I thought that the stop-loss should have been triggered on the server, regardless of if I had Alveo running or not. But, anyway, the closing time of the trade was the same as my restart time.

Since that certainly would violate the max 20 pips loss rule at Silver II level, I got very annoyed, but that faulty exit price was not held against me, and in my stats, the exit was noted as "service", which I believe means that Alveo was to blame.


Oh Alveo is Fantastic!!
Same problem here


Alveo didn't do anything wrong in this case. I was trading G/A with 2 of my retail FX accounts at the time, and saw similar moves. I was on the wrong side of one of the moves, and on the right side of the rest of them.


AMC I'm curious did you have the stop set to trailing? Trailing stops are like no stop if the computer isn't running


4x, no it was not a trailing stop. I have my variables set with a 30 pip TP and a 15 pip SL.


I've also noticed that occasionally when the server goes down and comes back, the stop loss are no longer entered on the order screen, this has cost me dearly as well when holding positions overnight. Hopefully this will be resolved in the next update


I have seen that as well, WD...I have had to go and reset my stop losses when Alveo goes yellow and says trading is closed. Same happened to me as well..set a stop loss..DID NOT sign out of the system...the it stopped working..woke up to like a 50 pip loss when I know I set the stop loss..sucked...only good's practice..


What you will have to do is now is do your recovery trade like you did in Silver Level II, to get back those pips and a profit on top.

Also do it as a straddle trade.

For Example :

Go Long USD/JPY , Profit Target 50 pips and stop loss 27 pips

Go Short USD/JPY, Profit Target 50 pips and stop loss 27 pips.

Repeat the above 5 times to get back your pips. This set up will favour the trend at that present time and not if it is ranging. Make sure the currency pairs are not ranging.