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Workspace Sharing

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Workspace Sharing

If someone likes the look of your workspace and wants to replicate that on another computer, you can go to your Alveo folder (in Documents by default - C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Alveo\Workspace) and attach your whatever.wsp (or WSP file) to your forum post and save.

Then the other bee can download that into the workspace folder on his or her PC and open it.



Wed, 03/28/2018 - 10:27am

6 charts

6 White Charts.wsp 68.65 KB

Here are settings Todd shared in DFF this morning.

Capture Todds HMA Settings.PNG



Hi, I like to scalp with my TV on bigger screen, running side by side and with my laptop of same or different currency pair. If I am concentrating then I turn off the volume to the TV while trading, but if I am scalping and everything is going okay to keep from getting bored or to hear a new report I turn my TV to squawk box especially when Powell does announcements and then I can see him, hear him, and scalp the US pairs at the same time... it keeps the excitement up.. Otherwise scalping for 1 to 2 hours per sitting gets monotonous and with without a sideline form of entertainment I could not just sit there at my computer for a hour or two to scalp but with the TV it is usually Fun and Profitable. see screen shot below of what I lay out here as above.

Screenshot (19847).png

Here is another view... It is a 40" TV and a laptop of about 16"laptop.. The beer is for supporting the TV...??? It works. Peace in the bee hive... looking for honey.??


bee.. sorry I was trying to see why my other file was not uploaded from my camera instead of a screenshot...



How often does info from Squawk Box influence one of your entries or exits?