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Just wanting to see who trades XAU/USD exclusively? It's quite the challenge so I keep coming back to it. It's interesting in watching this pair as it seems to have some similarities in day to day. What are some things you all have found?

Thu, 07/11/2019 - 2:01pm

I am in silver 2 and I have be trading XAU/USD a lot over the last couple of weeks. It is extremely volatile. I have had several trades that I made anywhere between 70 - 100 PIPs on each trade. I also have had many losing trades which I have kept to a maximum of 50 PIPs per trade. For example XAU/USD in the last 24 hours first went up around 360 PIPs and went back down around 190 PIPs. Yesterday for example I was able to accomplish to win 10 trades in a row with at least a profit of 10 PIPs.


I dont trade exclusively but have been playing with trading strats recently regarding Gold. Almost every pair has a market structure, gold is no different, BUT it is highly liquid and can run very far very fast. Makes it exciting, but dangerous. I usually scalp Gold on the 5 min, because of it's liquidity. Today was a good day for gold trading :)


I did well yesterday. However to day I am down over 100 PIPs trying to win some back. The problem is that I am trying to pass Silver 2 and I need to have 5 profitable days in a row with 5 or more trades. Since I was down today instead of just staying on the sideline, I keep trading in the hope I can still turn it around. since its not real money that I am trading I got nothing to lose if I keep trading and losing. However if I am able to turn it around I will have another winning day and I will have 2 profitable days in a row.

Mike Smith


100 pips is nothing! You can get it all back in less than hour if you trade like Shawn Lucas. Good luck.


Too bad we cannot all trade like Sean ... :)


I agree that the XAU/USD pair are extremely volatile and need careful trading; however, can be quite profitable if managed.


This is a great pair to trade long term! I have not had a lot of luck trading short so far.


Ron, XAU is good as long as you stay with the major trend, doing a counter-trend runs the risk of getting away and hitting the 2% rule.

Scalping XAU is a little different, Usually, the spread is 1.1 to 1.5 this is not so good when scalping with a low lot size. For example, When I finished up today with about 130 pips and a lot of those were XAU but I only earned just over $5.00 per hour of trading... Where did my money go?? and my daily return before expenses was about 1%. and my average scalp is +5P and have very few losses.

So where is the beef? I can tell you trading over a 1.0 spread even with a 90% win rate and a 5 pip average the cost will take the dollars and give them to the broker. Thus depending on the win rate of the trader or more accurately winners average over losers average the lot size needs to be .04 or .05 to make any money scalping the XAU.

Excerpted from my, for what it's worth column:))


I have found that trading with XAU can be difficult at times. I prefer trend trading, but currently I am trying to stick with shorter trades so I don't have to sit there and watch it or worry about what's going to happen. I am currently using a 5 pip SL which doesn't really work well with XAU because I often get stopped out even in a strong trend. It seems a minimum 30 pip SL would be necessary to navigate this pair successfully.


I like to look at the average range in this pair and take trades based on this. If it tends to have a daily range of 120, I will place a sell order 60 pips above the current price and a buy order below in the same way. I use 50 TP and put stops at 20 depending on recent support/resistance. More often than not, one of those trades are triggered and successful. I'll cancel the order that wasn't triggered in a 12-24 hour period and rinse/repeat! Sometimes, I can catch it before the profit is triggered, trail my stop closer and move my TP out further if the market is going my way. I also use Elliott Wave and Fibs for help in identifying potential floors/ceilings.


Traded this this week for the first time in many months and was quickly reminded why it’s dangerous. Get it right and the profits are great. Get it wrong and you lose big! I tried a second day in calmer waters and silver as well! My fingers got burnt way too much! Definitely not for me unless I find a solid strategy that works and I am super-disciplined! Which I’m sadly not!


It is my favorite pair to trade on short to intermediate. Yes, it can be dangerous in IM chart but 90% of my wins have come from this pair.


I learned to stay away from Gold at least for beeline assignments.