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XAU/USD Not Trading

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XAU/USD Not Trading

Hello, My XAU/USD trade I made last night is frozen and the records are off.  I can't trade it.  I called the help desk but they were of no help and claimed all the knowledgeble people were our of the office for the day.  Is this an event that occurs every year on MLK's birthday or is it a freak occurance?  Can anyone help me with this?  Thank you in advance!

Mon, 01/20/2020 - 4:46pm

hope you shorted it -- according to chart its minus 257 - nice trade - :) they'll fix it....


I have the same problem ..XAU/USD it's frozen ...many other traders experience the same problem.


Thanks. By the way I was long but I thought the comments on shorting, I've hedged my position and I should be okay, just in for a long and bumpy ride. It's back up and working at this moment. I'm watching it carefully though. I wonder if this is an annual issue no one told us about?

Jenny K

XAU/USD shuts down every day and is down for 1 hour after maintenance. Always close your positions before maintenance (unless your a long term trader lol) you'll notice the spread is always crazy right after it starts up as well.


Very interesting, thanks for the info.