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Strategies and Resources

Short Term
Trading that involves the M1, M5, and occasionally the M15 time frames
2 minutes ago
Trading that involves the M15, M30, H1, and H4 time frames
3 hours ago
Long Term
Trading that involves the D1, and M1 time frames
7 hours ago
Technical Analysis
Analyze the market through price and time data
3 hours ago
Fundamental Analysis
Analyze the market through news and announcements
47 minutes ago
Helpful Links
Helpful websites, trading tools, etc
8 minutes ago

Forex Market and Trade Callout

22 hours ago
3 days ago
2 days ago
3 weeks ago

Apiary Fund

General Apiary news and announcements
22 hours ago
All things classes and discussions
11 hours ago
Share your success or tips with being funded
5 hours ago
News and info specifically about the Apiary Summit
12 hours ago


Help & How To
Constructive questions and helpers related to using Alveo
23 hours ago
Computer Setups
Show off your trading rig, explain your custom VPS setup, etc
15 hours ago
Software Development
Enter at your own risk, there are very intelligent geeks found here
1 hour ago

Just for Fun

Introduce Yourself
Tell us about yourself, get to know the hive, thanks for sharing!
3 hours ago
If you follow any topics, they will be listed right here. Follow?
Latest Posts
"but have found myself chasing stats frequently" ...don't even want to talk about is my sentiment in this moment......
2 minutes ago byburton
For me the goal was to get funded as quickly as possible. In order to achieve that goal I had to use several different techniques to get...
5 minutes ago byMac56
I just became funded yesterday, and even though I have been trading for many years, I can't help but feel a little nervous trading with...
8 minutes ago byWilNik
Thanks for sharing. I will have to try it.
11 minutes ago byMac56
Other than his book which I have not opened yet, not me. BTW its only 5 bucks for the S&H the book is free. I have started researching...
31 minutes ago byRookie
The number one rule is to protect your equity! Cash management is key. Two elements of cash management are lot size and number of positions...
35 minutes ago byRookie
I have read through most of Rande Howell's free offerings, and I am intrigued. Has anybody purchased or seen any reviews of his not-free...
44 minutes ago byEl Martillo
Thanks for the book referral.
46 minutes ago byRookie
I agree Schutzep. Every time I start using larger lot sizes I got into trouble. It held me back from moving through the Beeline. And even...
46 minutes ago byWilNik
Starting a little after Midnight CST the DXY started on a downward plunge at 95:20 and continuing to 94:80 and now experiencing a...
47 minutes ago byRookie
As I read through these comments I could not help but think of Daniel Kahneman and his groundbreaking book, Thinking, Fast and Slow....
49 minutes ago byEl Martillo
I feel the COT reports are good for providing general market sentiment. As we know... for every buyer there's a seller. Truth is that...
55 minutes ago byWilNik
And he gets the work done, not only that my experience has been quite positive with working software.
1 hour ago byRookie
So what exactly is EMH? I asked Wikipedia and for some lower level answers.
1 hour ago byRookie
All, I do custom software development of Alveo Indicators and Expert Advisors. I also do conversions of MT4 software to Alveo. If you have...
2 hours ago bydbaechtel
I think the COT data is better used for a correlation of data to trade commodities which will always be expressed in the Forex markets thru...
2 hours ago byRookie
The problem I have with COT data is that it is three days old by the time it is released. That is usually too late.
2 hours ago byEl Martillo
Sheer will and determination are no substitutes for something that actually works. - Jason Klatt
3 hours ago byEl Martillo
EMH is valid most of the time, in the long-run, for most liquid markets. Its most ardent proponents allowed for minor fluctuations in the...
3 hours ago byEl Martillo
I agree with the above statements. I have been working on my 25 5 24 for days now. I was trying to play by all the rules, but was stopped...
3 hours ago bybintshanek