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Strategies and Resources

Short Term
Trading that involves the M1, M5, and occasionally the M15 time frames
2 hours ago
Trading that involves the M15, M30, H1, and H4 time frames
13 hours ago
Long Term
Trading that involves the D1, and M1 time frames
5 hours ago
Technical Analysis
Analyze the market through price and time data
6 hours ago
Fundamental Analysis
Analyze the market through news and announcements
15 hours ago
Helpful Links
Helpful websites, trading tools, etc
4 hours ago

Forex Market and Trade Callout

2 days ago
19 hours ago
20 hours ago
1 week ago

Apiary Fund

General Apiary news and announcements
2 hours ago
All things classes and discussions
2 hours ago
Share your success or tips with being funded
4 days ago
News and info specifically about the Apiary Summit
6 days ago


Help & How To
Constructive questions and helpers related to using Alveo
2 hours ago
Computer Setups
Show off your trading rig, explain your custom VPS setup, etc
6 days ago
Software Development
Enter at your own risk, there are very intelligent geeks found here
6 hours ago

Just for Fun

Introduce Yourself
Tell us about yourself, get to know the hive, thanks for sharing!
15 minutes ago
If you follow any topics, they will be listed right here. Follow?
Latest Posts
does anyone have any idea when they are going to fix the library video's its been weeks that I have not been able to use the Library
2 hours ago bymanny1025000
thank you all for great advice . this chore has humbled me. i was flying through the beeline ununtil I got here .
2 hours ago byjjredbird
Angel, Your EA and it's Source code are already in your email, DO NOT TRADE LIVE with it, it's for educational purposes only. Thank you for...
2 hours ago byTheCoder
Thanks for sharing! I use a similar strategy.
2 hours ago bypintakam2562
Thanks for good tips! I will need them.
2 hours ago bypintakam2562
Hello GetitVault, Lets go ! Send me the details on indicators , timeframes, asset, logic to trigger Buy and sell, Logic to close, etc......
3 hours ago byTheCoder
Hello Angel, about the Crossover EA, I will be happy to code it and back test for you. Send me the complete description, like time frame,...
3 hours ago byTheCoder
Hello Rookie, here is the logic used for this EA. Inputs are appreciated.
3 hours ago byTheCoder
0843hrs 11 Dec 2019, Today I must say, because the USD is coming down the pike, the EURO is going up! Pics.
4 hours ago byMISTER PIP
Congrats to all in the hive. Just made Gold I. Wow. I need to calm down before trading today. I have to say that I have picked up quite a...
4 hours ago bybill.radu
I agree with consistency. Getting through Silver required me to become more disciplined with the methods and strategies. I have found that...
4 hours ago bybill.radu
I made it to Gold I. Soooooooo happy. This is the most fun i have ever had working towards making money. When you enjoy what you do for a...
5 hours ago bybill.radu
Welcome to the Hive!
5 hours ago bybroslansky
Here, I'll go first. This is my 1st script and it writes a bunch of debug values to the Alert box while it draws a vertical line to the...
6 hours ago byCoder
Thanks stanmkhabele. Yes, you're right with regard to the 61.8% etc. I will look at your attachment later and have a look at the...
6 hours ago byisitjell thank you. I noticed those but didn't think I could do a valid test to see if I can just copy in a DLL and have the script...
6 hours ago byCoder
Good Morning & thank you for your generous offer to us Alveo Traders. Definitely on time and synched with the season. I am interested...
6 hours ago bygetitvault
I had the same problem and contacted Support and they sent me a short video. They answer was to click on the small symbol next to the word...
6 hours ago byMikeGeo
There are a lot of websites out there that sell more hype than content. You picked a good one. The community here is very helpful and there...
6 hours ago byirishman
Greetings All I agree that ALVEO's Fibonacci Tool is not easy to use. I do my charting on NinjaTrader, then place trades on Alveo. Isitjell...
6 hours ago bystanmkhabele