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Strategies and Resources

Short Term
Trading that involves the M1, M5, and occasionally the M15 time frames
8 hours ago
Trading that involves the M15, M30, H1, and H4 time frames
9 hours ago
Long Term
Trading that involves the D1, and M1 time frames
1 hour ago
Technical Analysis
Analyze the market through price and time data
7 hours ago
Fundamental Analysis
Analyze the market through news and announcements
1 week ago
Helpful Links
Helpful websites, trading tools, etc
3 hours ago

Forex Market and Trade Callout

3 hours ago
1 week ago
3 months ago
3 weeks ago

Apiary Fund

General Apiary news and announcements
3 weeks ago
All things classes and discussions
5 days ago
Share your success or tips with being funded
5 hours ago
News and info specifically about the Apiary Summit
2 months ago


Help & How To
Constructive questions and helpers related to using Alveo
4 days ago
Computer Setups
Show off your trading rig, explain your custom VPS setup, etc
2 days ago
Software Development
Enter at your own risk, there are very intelligent geeks found here
5 days ago

Just for Fun

Introduce Yourself
Tell us about yourself, get to know the hive, thanks for sharing!
1 week ago
If you follow any topics, they will be listed right here. Follow?
Latest Posts
Hi @LD Lewis....there are 2 price setting that you can read off for a Ksen. (say for a 26hr range). #1 would be a 26ksen on a hourly chart...
1 hour ago byskucchal
Trading the H4 and H1 charts EUR/USD seems to show consistent repetitive patterns. Thanks for the suggested guidelines.
3 hours ago bykmarmon
Thanks. Food for thought.
3 hours ago bykmarmon
I live in Texas and formed my LLC with a managing company in Nevada who setup a Wyoming LLC. The Wyoming corp is setup specifically for...
3 hours ago bykimsgoomer
The need to access parallel GPU's is clearer when visualizing random seeds:
3 hours ago bydebugger
Yes. That's why I brought it up. Traders use exponential moving averages to try to manage price action as good as their memory allows them...
4 hours ago bydebugger
I don't see how you can, your running a business from the UK. You can check with an accountant as you may need one if you make regular...
5 hours ago bystevecooper1001
Just starting to work with Ichimoku and not sure what you mean when you refer to "historic" Ksen in your original post. Thanks.
7 hours ago byLD Lewis
While it's not truly a "secret sauce", going through the Beeline, I worked hard to find five good trades. After I had closed them, I would...
7 hours ago bybro
I'll definitely second that comment about "careful selection." And mucho thanks for the encouragement.
7 hours ago byFrankS
For me, the number of indicators is never as important as choosing the best-telling indicators. Nor is it as important as the quality of...
7 hours ago byFrankS
"Where's W > L? It's just white space." - No longer "just white space". :) Again, this post is to encourage those struggling with stats...
7 hours ago bybro
FYI, trading during Isaac's market assessment has been good for me in that two days in a row I have had winning trades. And though my...
8 hours ago byFrankS
Thanks so much Ok amazing, UK tax I can cope with So I don't have to pay tax in the US as well?
8 hours ago byNatasha
relax, do not make it more complicated than it is, and above all enjoy trading
9 hours ago bylynngary1817
After suffering the change of 10.000 to 1.000, and losing 3 days in a row, today I made 218 pips... I think I got it.... Never live the 0....
9 hours ago byatringolo
No, I didn't miss it. I was battling it in the other direction ;-) A long run up today and still going. Feels strange though to go against...
9 hours ago byrobunited
Did you miss that UK-NY PA too? Come on Rob... I called it. (;
10 hours ago bydebugger
Hi Natasha As you are a UK resident you will need to pay UK tax on your profits. As you are self employed with Apiary this does not count...
10 hours ago bystevecooper1001
Great feedback--- thanks!
12 hours ago bypeteedmon