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Strategies and Resources

Short Term
Trading that involves the M1, M5, and occasionally the M15 time frames
4 hours ago
Trading that involves the M15, M30, H1, and H4 time frames
2 hours ago
Long Term
Trading that involves the D1, and M1 time frames
4 hours ago
Technical Analysis
Analyze the market through price and time data
9 hours ago
Fundamental Analysis
Analyze the market through news and announcements
4 hours ago
Helpful Links
Helpful websites, trading tools, etc
1 hour ago

Forex Market and Trade Callout

12 hours ago
7 hours ago
3 days ago
3 days ago

Apiary Fund

General Apiary news and announcements
13 hours ago
All things classes and discussions
2 hours ago
Share your success or tips with being funded
1 hour ago
News and info specifically about the Apiary Summit
5 hours ago


Help & How To
Constructive questions and helpers related to using Alveo
8 hours ago
Computer Setups
Show off your trading rig, explain your custom VPS setup, etc
4 days ago
Software Development
Enter at your own risk, there are very intelligent geeks found here
16 hours ago

Just for Fun

Introduce Yourself
Tell us about yourself, get to know the hive, thanks for sharing!
2 hours ago
If you follow any topics, they will be listed right here. Follow?
Latest Posts
saturninotorres2003, way to go!
24 seconds ago byRookie
Thanks Ma'am Norma Jenner. Yes I did.
27 minutes ago bysaturninotorres2003
Thank you for the information
34 minutes ago bymbratchell
Really appreciate the information being shared here. Thank you.
1 hour ago byEldred
Layco: You need to write a script to do it. In the simplest terms, all you need to do is create a for {} loop, and extract the Time,O,H,...
1 hour ago bychaffcombe17
Thanks Norma....I'll look it up. Haven't encountered it yet in my journey to Silver 1....but shouldn't be hard to find.
1 hour ago byskucchal
Way to Go!!! Hope you also sent your info to support
1 hour ago byNorma Jenner
kevingriggs71 Thanks for posting this information. It sounds like a real winner, and I'm eager to try it out! What were the settings on the...
2 hours ago byLayco
776154697 - I really appreciate your post. I too have found the Asian market unexciting and have made some good profit from your message....
2 hours ago byLayco
Thanks for starting this thread and for sharing the vids chaffcombe!
2 hours ago bysquawk7600
At least eventually that $3,000 will be in your pocket or bank account! Have you seen this thread?:
2 hours ago bysquawk7600
1.7.19 1.28.19 2.12.19 Rex Johnson classes on Trade Plan Development are a great intro to layering with multiple small lots to reduce risk...
2 hours ago byNorma Jenner
Lindsey, You wrote, in part, "Anyway, the reason we see a lot of price range vs. trends is because the interest rate curve is only changed...
3 hours ago byNorma Jenner
3 hours ago byaafaruki
Sam Faruki
3 hours ago byaafaruki
Continuing my 'paper' test of the Ichimoku Methodology with GBPNZD. The 9 day trend reversing was accurately captured by Ichimoku.......
3 hours ago byskucchal
Courtney - you are hitting them out of the park, and you are consistent at it! Amazing! I just saw your comment about "Flash Crash", above...
3 hours ago bysquawk7600
Yes it does sound simple. I would also like to know what you mean by 3 pips behind or above?
4 hours ago byipcc
Three small things: 1) Good work Duncan! :-) 2) Firstly a correction to an earlier comment that should have read ... 'MT4 is normally GMT...
4 hours ago bychaffcombe17
Lindsay...very impressive results. I have 1 burning question that is perplexing me for a long time. How does one get a 300 pip profit on a...
4 hours ago byskucchal