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Strategies and Resources

Short Term
Trading that involves the M1, M5, and occasionally the M15 time frames
16 minutes ago
Trading that involves the M15, M30, H1, and H4 time frames
11 minutes ago
Long Term
Trading that involves the D1, and M1 time frames
6 hours ago
Technical Analysis
Analyze the market through price and time data
14 hours ago
Fundamental Analysis
Analyze the market through news and announcements
2 hours ago
Helpful Links
Helpful websites, trading tools, etc
2 hours ago

Forex Market and Trade Callout

19 hours ago
15 hours ago
1 day ago
4 weeks ago

Apiary Fund

General Apiary news and announcements
1 day ago
All things classes and discussions
19 hours ago
Share your success or tips with being funded
15 hours ago
News and info specifically about the Apiary Summit
2 days ago


Help & How To
Constructive questions and helpers related to using Alveo
16 hours ago
Computer Setups
Show off your trading rig, explain your custom VPS setup, etc
6 days ago
Software Development
Enter at your own risk, there are very intelligent geeks found here
1 hour ago

Just for Fun

Introduce Yourself
Tell us about yourself, get to know the hive, thanks for sharing!
23 minutes ago
If you follow any topics, they will be listed right here. Follow?
Latest Posts
Thanks for the info and I going to try it myself.
11 minutes ago bybdhtraders5
Ok, just a slight distracting of a doubter. Let's continue trading Shawn, what specific topic to improve on and which recording was it...
16 minutes ago byrobunited
Oh, boy, I have been there too, felt the pain, learned a lot but We all are humans, don't beat yourself up. Things will come around.
22 minutes ago byEPena
And then Smith ... you are asking that no one here at Apiary is talking about Risk Management. Shawn is ONLY Risk/Money Management ... his...
24 minutes ago byrobunited
Sorry about your misfortune. Look at it as a lesson and learn from it. Do that and you will be climbing the funding levels quickly....
46 minutes ago bykevin.m.reid
@Smith, good contribution, very helpful! Go doubt somewhere else! @Shinkee Peeling off on time ... We have heard Shawn saying this, at...
46 minutes ago byrobunited
And just as an example, Smith is someone who constantly destroys a constructive thought process when people are trying to find out what...
57 minutes ago byrobunited
Have decided to try the Gartley pattern , having much better success for now.
1 hour ago byn1jrm
can any one tell me how to add more levels to fibonacci like .818 , 1.27 ,etc
1 hour ago byn1jrm
can any one tell me how to add more levels to fibonacci like .818 , 1.27 ,etc
1 hour ago byn1jrm
If you are already using two different moving averages, you do not need to use MACD. MACD is two moving average crossover. It measures the...
1 hour ago bytradertool
"...Same happened to me, 2 month after being funded..." Not something a multi-*illion dollar fund wants to hear.
1 hour ago bySmITH Lord
@Dan G "I violated Apiary 5% rule" Same happened to me, 2 month after being funded Not a nice experience, but a good rule, the one to make...
2 hours ago byrobunited
Vess Thnks for all this info, I thought I had my trading knowledge and system up to speed, but realize I am only scratching the surface....
2 hours ago byDan G
I/'e been going thru this thread reviewing the the wobble tech. on higher time frame. Thought I had the wobble tech, down. I was over...
2 hours ago byDan G
There is also a pip and risk calculator in the one-click trading box on Alveo
2 hours ago byAllengoldatty
thank you for sharing
2 hours ago bytiffblb
@rmcleantechservices Once you passed Silver II, it's just a matter of time you pass Silver III. It's the same thing, just a longer time...
2 hours ago byrobunited
Good luck trading
2 hours ago bytiffblb
2 hours ago bytiffblb