Trading Consistency Challenge: A Hamilton-A-Day

BY: Apiary Fund

Trading Consistency Challenge: A Hamilton-A-Day

Apiary Fund has started a “Hamilton -a-day” Trading Challenge!  You can watch Shawn’s YouTube Live Recording to see what the goal is, what the purpose is, and why you should try it!

The rules for the Hamilton-a-day Challenge are as follows:

  1. Traders must create a new Alveo simulated account for the trades.
  2. Traders must end the day with a minimum of $10 profit for 10 days in a row (profit is the total change in your account balance.  This will be looked at as after any commissions and spreads are taken out).
  3. Traders can complete the challenge in February, March, April, May, and June.
  4. Once you have completed the challenge for the month, you can submit your info here for review:

Once your submission has been reviewed, you will get the reward for the month! The reward? Asides from the knowledge and experience that you gained allowing for your $10 of profit per day, Apiary Fund will take $10 off your monthly tech fee every month you successfully complete the challenge!  So if you make $10 for 10 days in February and April, those two months will have the fee reduction.

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