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What is the Apiary Investment Fund?

What do we do?

The Apiary Fund is a community of traders who trade the fund's money to produce a profit. These are everyday people with varied experience who trade part-time to produce an investment income for the fund. When the trader makes money, a portion of the earnings goes back to the firm to grow the fund, and up to 80% of the profit goes to the trader for a job well done!

We train regular people to become successful money managers. When they prove that they've learned the skills, they can qualify for increasing account sizes.

Who are we looking for?

You may be surprised to learn that no experience is necessary. That's because all of our money managers first participate in a Trader Development Program, designed to get you trading profitably no matter what your past financial experience is.

We're looking for people who are motivated and teachable. If you're okay with spending 30-60 minutes per day to ultimately earn an extra income using someone else's money, then we're looking for you.

How can you learn more?

The first step is to attend the orientation meeting by completing the form on this site. It's an online "webinar" where you'll be able to ask any questions you have about the Apiary Fund and your potential involvement.

When you click the green button, you'll get an email with the date and time for the meeting. We're just planning on doing a quick presentation with a question & answer session. If you can't be there when the meeting happens, it's okay, we'll record it and send you a copy.

We look forward to seeing you there!