Investor Profile and Traders' Summit

We're buzzing with excitement at all the stuff we have brewing at the Apiary Fund! Stay tuned next Monday, January 21, when we will be launching the Investor Profile website. If, by some chance, you haven't heard of Apiary's Investor Profile, then you're in for a treat! Read more »


The Ghost Candle: An October Trading Story

It started like any normal morning. I wake up and grab the computer. I wipe the crusties out of my eyes and try to focus as the high beam of the computer monitor cuts through the blackness of the 6am US open trading session. I am used to the torture, though. For years the interrogation tactics of the power button have left me with an increasing tolerance to the pain of the bright morning light. Shaking off the discomfort, I open my charts. In a zombie trance, my hand guides the cursor effortlessly to the 5- and 1-minute charts of the Euro/Dollar. Read more »


Price Action and the Simple Moving Average

In last week's explanation of moving averages, we mentioned that though the exponential moving average seemed more relevant to projecting future price movement, prices tend to react off the simple moving average much more often. It seems counter-intuitive, but it's true!


Understanding Simple and Exponential Moving Averages

In our last blog tip we talked about the general concept of risk management and why it's important for profitable trading. This week we want to dive a little deeper into some specifics that new traders might have questions about! Read more »


What's Apiary All About?

Though Forex is our bread and butter at the Apiary Fund, we realize that most people don’t understand what currencies trading is! Your friends scratch their heads trying to comprehend this new venture, and as a new trader you might have a hard time explaining.

Read more »