My Office/Computer Setup

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My Office/Computer Setup

Good day all!

Since I am trying to wrap up Silver1, one of the tasks is to start a topic so I thought I would use the opportunity to show off my setup to some people that actually care about such things instead of friends and family that just don't get the multiple monitor thing!!

It took me a few years to put this all together and massage it out so that everything is comfortable around me, all while trying to keep a minimalist, and of course "cool" to look at approach to showcase my office and goodies.  I am a bit maticulous when it comes to wiring so its a must that very little can be seen with it all being buttoned up and routed under the desk.

My computer setup, kind of like the rest of my setup is overkill for my application.  I mainly use it as my trading rig but it also serves me for other office duties and of course, some musical therepy!  I built this setup about 3 years ago and while I no longer game, I like to have a rig that can take whatever I throw at it and this, even though its a few years old and not rocking any 4K video, still holds its own!  A gaming video is a must for mutiple monitors, this one supports up to 3 and has twin fans built in to keep it running cool.  Case fans and lighting controled by Corsair LINK allowing control of fan speeds, color, etc including monitering of temps of system (CPU, GPU, etc).  Here are the specs:

  • Case: Corsair Cerbide 500R (modded with large cutout and window installed for better interior view)
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA990-FXA UD3
  • Processor:AMD FX-6350 cooled by a Cooler Master V8 GTS High Performance cooler
  • Memory: 32G (4 x 8 gig) Corsair Dominator DDR3
  • Graphics Card: MSI Radeon R9 380 (1 HDMI out / 2 x VGA outs)
  • Power Supply: Corsair Rm1000i
  • Hard Drive: Samsung 850 Pro SSD 250g
  • Soundcard: Asus Essance STX
  • Fans: Corsair LL series.  3 x 120mm intakes / 3 x 140 mm exhaust.
  • Extra Lighting: Corsair RGB strips
  • Monitors: 1 BenQ GL2460 (27") / 1 BenQ GW2450 (27") / 1 Samsung Syncmaster 2233 (26")
  • Keyboard: Logitech wirless K800
  • Mouse(Mice): Logitech Performance MX / Microsoft Arc (I use 2 mouses, Logitech for my right hand, Microsoft for left when my hand gets tired/sore)

That, as well as everything else on the desk, is plugged into a Triplite Isobar 2E34360 surge protector and that is plugged into a Cyberpower CP1350AVRLCD battery backup and uinterruptible power supply that gives about 15 minutes of power with everything on, plenty of time to wrap things up and shut down safely.

Other items plugged into surge protector (and out of view tucked under the desk) are my cable modem and seperate router, Philips HUE lighting bridge and those excellent Swan M200MKIII speakers.  Desk lamp is a Koncept (older model) and other lighting are HUE lamps and lighting strips.  Monitors are supported by 2 Tyke Supply mounts, 1 is a single one holding the left monitor and the other holds both the center and right monitors.  Excellent mounts that allow up/down, side to side and forward tilt all while freeing up desk space from the floating monitors.

Chair is an Ergohuman, desk from Ikea.

It took some time but I love this room!  The 3 monitors is a real treat, having all that real estate for charts is great and having a large desk to spead out and room for any task is a joy.  As you can see, I am also a hockey fan.  My dad made those plaques way back when there were only 12 teams, the original 6 on top (Monteral, NY Rangers and Detroit just cut out of shot) and the expansion 6 on the bottom (California Seals is missing).  The 3 clocks above the monitors for PDT on bottom, EDT above and London at top.

If you read this far, thank you and I hope you enjoyed checking out my setup!  Maybe some of my ideas will spark you to customize yours to crate a comfortable environment for blisful and profitable trading!

Good luck and happy trading!