Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend with an Email Invitation!

Enter your friend's email in the form below and they will receive a link to get into our next Orientation Meeting. If they attend the Orientation Meeting and sign up for the Apiary Fund, then you're that much closer to building your own personal trading community!


A few questions...

What is this refer a friend thing?

The Apiary Fund is growing the hive and we need your help finding new bees! Referring a friend is our way to branch out through people that we trust. Thanks for spreading the good word and growing our hive of successful traders.

What is the goal of the Apiary Fund?

Imagine going to school to learn how to build a bridge only instead of sitting in the classroom, you work with experienced bridge builders and actually build the bridge. That’s what the Apiary Fund is for investors. Ordinary people who want to learn how to manage money successfully, join the Apiary Fund and learn how to invest by managing real money! The best part is we’ll pay you a share of the profits you earn while you learn!

Why should I refer a friend?

The most obvious reason to refer a friend is because it will help them learn one of life’s most important skills - the ability to manage money successfully. But besides knowing that you’re helping them, you can actually begin to grow your own network of successful traders through the people you already enjoy spending time with.