How Jim Davis Got Funded with The Apiary Fund

How Jim Davis Got Funded with The Apiary Fund

Jim Davis recently stepped into the first funded level of Beeline to Funding and I had the pleasure of hearing his story–his struggles, triumphs, strategy, and more.

Jim is a salesman that took some interest in trading stocks and options in the late 90’s but kept most of these aspirations on the shelf until about the Spring of 2016. He was looking for a way to supplement his present income and through his research trading surfaced as a great solution. Swimming around the internet we found Jim as someone interested in trading and so a webinar invitation was sent and the connection was made! Liking the trust he could feel in the Apiary Fund and also the opportunity to trade our money, he decided that this would be a good place to begin his trading career.

Although he explains his early progress as being relatively easy, gliding smoothly through the first levels of Beeline, the later levels intensified his development as a trader. Being able to walk away from his trading at the right time and stay away was what Jim identified as being his greatest challenge. The mental and emotional discipline this takes doesn’t come overnight, but with time and with encouragement from our professional traders, he is now feeling confident in his ability to stop trading when he is up and leave more pips to be earned for another day.

Rewards come all throughout the journey to funding, but there are certainly a few that stand out among the rest. Jim felt his greatest rewards throughout his experience came as he leveled-up in Beeline and started to recognize that he is building a profitable skill. What an exciting feeling that is, when you feel your capacities expanding! This is a big win for us at the Apiary Fund, our focus and purpose is developing traders and helping them become profitable money managers–when we hear about moments like these it comes as very fulfilling.

Jim has a great trading career ahead of him and we are enthusiastic about his future progress!

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