Len Pavia – His Experience and Path to Funding with The Apiary Fund

Len Pavia – His Experience and Path to Funding with The Apiary Fund

Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of someone who has made it through Beeline and is managing a funded account so you could get some tips and expectations for your journey to funding? If yes, then you’re not alone. That’s why I sat down with Len Pavia and peppered him with questions about the beginnings of his trading journey, his general experience, and what his path to funding looked like. Continue on and you’ll get a great feel for what it means to be an Apiary Trader and what you should expect throughout your journey.

Len is a very personable and diligent trader. He made Gold III in Beeline while trading part-time and working full time. Living in the South Eastern United States he enjoys cycling, gardening, and enjoying the mountains with his family. Here is a clip from our interview explaining why he got into trading.

Trading is a nice fit for Len because he can trade anytime 24/5 as he works his day job. In addtion to this, whether the market is going up or down it is always possible to make profits – an opportunity a 401K can’t give you!

If you’re wondering what the Apiary Fund is and how it works, watch this short video to get informed.

Reaching funding is a big goal, but certainly an attainable one. You’ll hear why in this next video and how Len overcame some of his specific challenges. Towards the end of our conversation, Len emphasized the value of persistence, “not giving up when things are hard.”  He is keeping his persistence and continuing his journey progressing towards higher funding levels!

Len had a really effective solution to the challenge of being a swing trader and having to place many short-term trades to fulfill the Beeline requirements. He placed several of the same orders at once, all with small lot sizes and then booked profit by closing the orders as the market moved in his favor, in a way “scaling out” of the trade. This allowed him to continue to use the strategy he was comfortable with–a long term approach–by simply breaking up the trade into smaller pieces he was able to hit the higher quantity trade requirements.

For some other good trading suggestions, read what Vilas suggests as 4 charactaristics of a successful trader.

Finally, I asked Len about his general experience with the Apiary Fund. He likes the small, connected feel the Apiary Fund gives traders by keeping close contact between the educators and the traders. He also found value in the trading community, which gave him new ideas and strategies to test out; watch this video to find out how Len overcame some of his fears and worked his way through Beeline.

We are excited for Len and we’re grateful for his contributions to the Hive. We hope that sharing his story will be an encouragement to all our traders and those who are just considering starting their journey to funding!

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