Apiary Fund Testimonials

...has allowed me to go from complete novice to now feeling extremely comfortable as a 4x professional trader.I’m excited and humbled to have been approved after 3 months for a funded account. I have spent countless hours listening to both archived and live Apiary trading sessions, and I have tried diligently to follow the instructions as this is my first foray into 4x trading. As instructed, I’ve placed literally hundreds upon hundreds of trades, which has allowed me to go from complete novice to now feeling extremely comfortable as a 4x professional trader. I know it will all be worth the many hours of studying and practicing as I begin what I hope will be many wonderful years as a funded trader with Apiary. Thanks for this fabulous opportunity with this wonderful company.”

January 19, 2012

- Joseph S., Virginia

It has been a great journey being trained by a super team, to master the fundamentals of the Forex World and then to practice, practice, practice in the Demo Account …. I can’t over-emphasize the need for practicing .. The mechanics of trading should become automatic ….. total focus should be on the Pairs Performance. Also, in times past I was not very disciplined on my stop losses. Apiary has ‘forced’ that discipline into my trading. I may lose from time to time but I will be able to trade another day ….Thanks Apiary Guys ….”

October 18, 2011

- Max B., Canada

I want to thank you and the rest of your team of trainers and risk managers that have worked to make me a currency trader. The confidence that I have in trading currencies have come about because of the guidance I got through listening to the recorded training discussions and the literature posted the apiary website.”

December 2, 2011

- Augustine M., Malawi

The Trader Development Program run by The Apiary Investment Fund has transformed me into a professional currency trader.The Trader Development Program run by The Apiary Investment Fund has transformed me into a professional currency trader. I ventured into currency trading about ten months ago. I had no idea what the trade entailed. The Apiary Investment Fund introduced the trade to me in the most practical and effective way. I quickly knew when to enter the market, how to protect myself from the inevitable and unavoidable incidence of loss that must always be anticipated in currency trading, how to manage a trade to ensure a good return in relation to the risk taken and, indeed, when to exit a trade.

My friends were quick to warn me that currency trading can be like gambling given the psychology that goes with it in the light of the uncertainty in the direction the value of a currency pair would take at any one time, the fear of loss and the fear of missing out on trade opportunities, the greed and various other factors. True to this warning, I witnessed large whipsaws as the markets reacted to news announcements. I witnessed large drops in my trading equity curve due to losses that I would relate to margin calls. However, the Apiary Investment Fund gave me a trading strategy that makes the turbulence evident in these experiences to be irrelevant in the way I carry out my currency trades. I am able to trade and insure myself from constant heavy losses that would cause my trading capital to be wiped out with trading losses.

I am a professional currency trader, not a currency gambler. I know exactly what to do to make money in the currency market!”

November 2, 2011

- Augustine M., Malawi

Everyone at Apiary is the real deal, you will find nothing like it anywhere else in the world.The reasons one is drawn to forex trading are as varied as the personalities that constitute the market itself. If in your pursuit to become an independent, successful trader please, consider yourself as lucky as I do to have found the Apiary Investment Fund. My wish to become a consistently winning trader is driven by one very powerful motivating force: my wife has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and for me to properly care for her I need to be at home. Staying at home and making a good living is a difficult task. But, forex trading is ideally suited. That was my main reason for getting involved; it solves a very complex problem for me.

Everyone has their reasons. If you are like me it is likely that you have already ‘had a go’ at trading the FX market on your own and if you are like me it is likely you have blown up an account or two. The worst part about that experience, as you well know, is the massive hit you take to your confidence (plus the lost money). Frustrating, because you figure you’ll never be able to do it; no matter what your reasons are for trying, it is guaranteed you will eventually think to yourself that the achievement of your dreams will never, ever, happen; at least not from trading. I certainly believed that but, I kept searching for the answer and to me that answer was, and get this: to get a professional to teach me how to trade effectively, once I had that then, maybe, I could search out a hedge fund which would then allow me to trade their funds from home, regardless of where the office really was! I advise you not to try that plan, it won’t happen.

BUT, what did happen was I found Apiary. Everything I was looking for was here. Not only that, but everyone was so incredibly nice! To say that is rare in this business is a huge understatement. After I signed up and started going to the classes things started to fall into place, not exactly straight away and the first month of demo trading was challenging but, I got better and better. Every time I needed something or had questions, Shawn, Nate and all the wonderful folks at Apiary were quick and courteous in their responses and follow ups.

Everyone at Apiary is the real deal, you will find nothing like it anywhere else in the world. I am at an incredibly exciting juncture in my Apiary career and if you are really serious about getting those dreams of yours realized you will be in that very same place too one day. I have just signed my acceptance letter and will start trading real funds for Apiary tomorrow! It’s been a great journey so far, you really will love it.”

November 3, 2011

- Cliff T., Canada

First of all I have to say this is kind of opportunity doesn’t happen all that often. I have been trading for 3+ years and I have never had an opportunity to trade more than $100,000 and now i do! My goal is to get to the $500k level ASAP ! And with all the great information / software you guys provide I should have no problem doing so. Thanks”

October 12, 2011

- Manny L, Rhode Island

I now have the knowledge to make smart trades, and the confidence to know when to pull the trigger and when to wait.I have been trading currencies for almost 6 years now, and I am really excited about my trading future. I have always been a decent trader, but after 6 months with the guys from the Apiary Fund and I have earned my own funded account! I now have the knowledge to make smart trades, and the confidence to know when to pull the trigger and when to wait. I have put in the time, watched the videos and spent hours and hours doing my own research, but it has been well worth it! Since I have been funded I have won 22 of 24 trades and recorded more than a 20% gain in my live account. This success would not have been possible without the help of the Apiary Fund. I am excited to sit down at my computer each day because I know there are opportunities out there, all the time! Next stop is financial freedom!”

November 2, 2011

- Matthew S., Pennsylvania

I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Apiary Fund and am excited for the opportunities that are ahead as I refine my trading skills. When I started, I was still working full-time days and the only time that I could find to trade a semi-active market was to trade EURUSD between 5-7am Central time US. I am generally not a big fan of being up at that time of the morning, but I have a vision in mind. The vision of being a full-time trader with the geographic and time flexibility that will fit my families needs and my interests as well as being a source of revenue that will fund the various for-profits and charitable endeavors that I have in mind. What are you willing to invest to get the goal?”

November 2, 2011

- Eric S., Nebraska